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A complete solution to world's single use cup problem
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Over 16 billion single use coffee cups end up in landfills every year. This has to change! Promises of "greener" materials (compostable, recycled content, etc.) haven't made an impact since almost 100% end up in landfills. Cup Return Programs are beginning to make an impact, but the resources required for the handling, transportation, and washing often mean they are no better for the environment than single use cups.

redi is the solution to make Cup Return Programs a truly impactful and sustainable option. Cups are returned directly into the redi washing system which is designed specifically for washing cups as efficiently as possible and making them ready to reuse immediately. No more requiring excess cups that are out of circulation of days. No more logistics of picking up used cups or storing clean cups. No more transporting cups to a remote washing facility. No more resource hungry industrial dishwashers. Just clean cups ready to be reused again and again.

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