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Smart Receptacle
Remove the confusion from waste disposal
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Most people are happy to "do their part" when it comes to proper waste disposal, but figuring out which items go in what bin can be a daunting task. Signs and pictures attempting to add clarity rarely help to let you know where the item in your hand should be tossed. Why are we surrounded by technology and still confused about a task as simple properly disposing of our waste, recyclables, and compostables?

The Smart Return Receptacle removes the confusion from waste disposal. A vision system detects the item to be disposed of and indicates the proper bin to toss the item into. It's that easy! For even more assurance of proper disposal, the system can also control access to each bin so that items are not accidentally tossed into the wrong bin. The system can even monitor users and alert when items are being not being disposed of properly.

Recycling and composting can make a real impact, but only when they are done right. The Smart Return Receptacle uses technology right at the site of disposal to help people to truly "do their part."


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