Venture Capital with a Twist

You’ve got a great idea for a product. You’ve got a passionate core team. You may even have great prototypes to show the potential of your product. But there are 2 things that every start-up needs: a bigger team and more money. spiVENTURES is a new twist on capital investment that helps with both.

An investment in a company by spiVENTURES is a blend of cash and resources. The cash portion is a standard capital investment to be used as you see fit. The resources portion is a full-service electromechanical product development team and facilities with a proven track record of generating over $8 billion in sales for our partners. Our diverse group of 10 acts as an extension of your existing team, allowing you to remain lean while doing whatever it takes to fill the gaps as needed to help get over the hurdles of getting your product to market and setting your company up to thrive in the future.

spiVENTURES is a division of Sperry Product Innovation. Contact us for more information

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