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redi UV Chamber
A simple solution to help reduce dependence on single use cups
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Over 16 billion single use coffee cups end up in landfills every year. This has to change! Promises of "greener" materials (compostable, recycled content, etc.) haven't made an impact since almost 100% end up in landfills. Cup Return Programs offer a superficial solution as the resources required for the cups, logistics, transportation, and washing often mean they are no better for the environment than single use cups.

The clear solution is for customer's to bring their own reusable cups. This slowly growing trend suffered a setback as fears of spreading germs became more apparent. Coffee shops are still encouraging the use of reusable cups, but are typically using single use cups as "carrier cups" for the reusable cups to prevent handling the customer's cup. This succeeds in preventing the spread of germs, but is even worse for the environment than just serving the beverage in the single use cup.

redi is the simple solution to grow the trend of reusable cups. The intuitive touchless interface and pass-through design sanitizes the customer's reusable cup in 5 seconds so that it is safe for the barista to handle. 

redi UV Chamber
  • Small countertop pass-through design
  • Battery powered
  • Intuitive touchless interface
  • Fast & efficient UV-C LED sanitizing (5 second cycle for 99.99% reduction)
  • Rotates cup for even sanitizing
  • Accepts a variety of cup shapes and sizes

    redi is the most environmentally friendly solution possible to the single use cup problem. It's time to stop just talking about sustainability goals and start acting sustainable.

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